About us

In the last decade, social media and internet has played a significant role in shaping the awareness of young people in the Arab World. However, the Arabic digital content is extremely poor in general, where pseudosciences and superstition materials are forming most of it. Adding to that the uprising wave of radical extremism, which uses modern technology to spread their ideology and threatens modernity.
Therefore, there is an increasing need to enrich the Arabic Digital Content on the web. This can be done, among other means, by translating reliable, state-of- the-art, and open-access articles, educational videos, and documentaries.
Due to the aforementioned, the Iraqi Translation Project has been founded to address those issues.
Our slogan: “Because decades of intellectual darkness can not be ended without knowing other successful experiences, translation is crucial ”
The foundation date: 17 April 2013
Our goals
  1. Enrich the Arabic Digital Content on the web by translating reliable, state-of- the-art, and open-access materials.
  2. Promoting the Scientific method and its outputs. Also, showing its ability to support the social development.
  3. Popularise critical thinking and confronting pseudosciences and superstitions.
  4. Promoting human rights and spread the importance of peaceful coexistence and tolerance.
Our means
  1. Translation of reliable articles, documentaries, etc.
  2. Design and edit multimedia materials.
  3. Running events and collaborating with related authorities.
  4. Collaborating with projects and activities that share the same goals.

Our strategy

The Iraqi Translation Project relies on volunteers who master at least one foreign language in addition to Arabic. The materials are selected from reliable sources. After being translated, the materials are reviewed and published.
The Project has a website where all its archive is available and searchable. However, the main platform of communication with audience is social media, specifically Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.